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Our Online Games

Our online Escape Room Games are fully interactive, with 360 degree settings of REAL ROOMS and PLACES.  Each player can search the room and interact with the objects in the room.

To play our online games you will need a laptop or pc and a good internet connection.  These games are not suitable for playing on phones or tablets.  The game is played entirely online via a weblink which is sent to you when you make your purchase.

You can buy a gamelink and play it at any time.  Once you active the link, it will expire in 72 hours.


If you wish to play with friends, you can connect with each other via any video-conferencing app or voice chat while you play.  You will be able to see each others' cursors moving around in the room.  One game link can be played by up to six players together at the same time.

Our games all have built-in help systems in case you get stuck on any puzzles.

€19.99 per game link.  Our games take most players around one hour to complete.

These games are the intellectual property of Escape Rooms Shannon and Online Escape Rooms Ireland.  They may not be sold or hosted by any other party.

Also available...
Our Mini-Game!  This is a timed game with NO HINT system.  You have 15 minutes to find all of the shamrocks and solve the puzzles before time runs out! Not a 360 "real-room" experience.
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