Find all of the Shamrocks before time runs out!

This is our only game which has a time limit - you have 15 minutes to find as many hidden shamrocks and open as many locks as you can!

A challenging and fun mini-game.

There is NO HINT SYSTEM in this game!  You have only 15 minutes to do the best that you can.  Your score will be shown when your time expires.

Are you up to the challenge?

You and your friends will enter the game and interact with items to solve the puzzles.  You will be able to see your friends' cursors on your screen, you can zoom in, take items, and even interact with objects in the room.  Once you have the game link, send it to all of the others players, then login and play when you are all ready!  For players in different location, we recommend also using a video call to chat with your friends while you play.  

€3.00 per game (1-6 players)

The game should be played laptop or desktop on the latest version

of Firefox or Chrome.  We do not recommend playing on a tablet.

You will receive an EMAIL with your GAME ACTIVATION CODE.

Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see it immediately.

These games are for personal, at-home use only.  These games may not be sold, re-sold or hosted by anyone other than Online Escape Rooms Ireland.

For use by multiple teams, use our Hosted Events option.