You are a member of Santa’s special N.O.N.E. team (Naughty Or Nice Evaluators).  Every year, Santa writes up his list of naughty children and nice children based on the number of naughty or nice things they have done (or said!) throughout the year.  Cases which or not clearly one-or-the-other are sent to the N.O.N.E. team to be evaluated. 

You have been assigned to investigate Sean, a 10-year-old boy who lives in Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland.  You have managed to slip into Sean’s house while his whole family is out.  But they’ll be back in one hour!  You need to find all the pages of his diary to evaluate whether he has been more Naughty, or more Nice this year.  Hurry!  You need to find all the diary pages and contact Headquarters with your decision before Sean gets back!

Each player will need a laptop/pc (we do not recommend using tablets or phones) and a strong internet connection.  Use headphones for the best experience.  

This is a digitalized versions of our actual, REAL ESCAPE ROOM.  You and your friends will enter our virtual room and interact with items to solve the puzzles.  You will be able to see your friends' cursors on your screen, you can zoom in, take items, and even move some things around.  Once you have the game link, send it to all of the others players, then login and play when you are all ready!  For players in different location, we recommend also using a video call to chat with your friends while you play.  It takes most people 60-90 minutes to play this game, but your link will stay active for 72 hours,  so you can take a break and come back to it if you need to.

€20.00 per game (1-6 players)


The game should be played laptop or desktop on the latest version

of Firefox or Chrome.  We do not recommend playing on a tablet.

You will receive an EMAIL with your GAME ACTIVATION CODE.

Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see it immediately.

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