Eddie O'Brien bought a plot of land in the hills of West Clare.  Against the advice of then locals, Eddie chopped down an old Hawthorn tree to make room for his cottage.  His neighbours warned him that the Hawthorn tree was a Faerie tree and a curse would befall anyone who cut it.  Since then, every generation of O'Briens to live in that cottage has suffered a sudden and unexpected death.  It happens always on a night with a strange and sudden storm, and the locals report hearing the wailing of a woman in the wind.   You have 60 minutes to find a way to appease the Banshee before she takes your life next!

Difficulty Level: 4/5

(This room was formally called "The Banshee's Curse".  While the theme is the same, the game has been 98% changed and redesigned  - making it replayable by anyone who has done "The Banshee's Curse" in the past.)

Using ZOOM (teleconferencing app) you will enter our Escape Room.

One of our actual human Gamemasters will be in the room with camera and audio.  You control the GameMaster as if they were an "Avatar", they will be your eyes, ears and hands in the game.  You get to play the game fully, just like you were there yourself!  And your friends can play with you from their own location anywhere in the world!   Each player will need a laptop/pc (with camera & mic) and a strong internet connection.  For groups playing on multiple devices, we recommend using headphones.

2 Players €50.00

3-6 Players €75.00

*A maximum of 6 players per game, we recommend a maximum of 4 is best for full enjoyment of the game.

**Price is based on PLAYERS, not connections.