Play our Escape Rooms from anywhere in the world!

An escape room, also known as an "escape game", is an interactive adventure game in which a group of players enter an immersive environment (the "room") with a mission to accomplish.   The players must use their observation skills, communication, focus, logic, and creative-thinking to find clues and solve puzzles.  Each puzzle you solve will bring you closer to achieving the mission of the game.

The pandemic made it impossible for many to visit their local Escape Rooms in person, so our creators found new ways to share that exciting and immersive experience with you, via the internet!

The Beach Bar online game at Online Escape Rooms Ireland

 We have created virtual versions of our actual, real Escape Rooms.  Using 360 degree photography, our online games feel as much like the "real thing" as possible.  You can "move" around the room and interact with objects.  These games can also be played along with friends anywhere in the world! 

Our games are available as un-hosted play-at-home games, and also as hosted virtual events, perfect for corporate team-building!

Our games have all been designed and created by ourselves!